Preface to CoCreator Handbook

Creation of Adam by Michelangelo

Creation of Adam by Michelangelo

The word cocreator is not meant to imply a separate creature cooperating with a larger Creator. There are not two, The Creator and the created. There is only creating. Creator, creating, and created–they are one and the same. There’s only one thing going on, ever. There is no second cause, no external force to which to appeal to curry favor, or fear retribution.

Experiencing and creating are also the same–ongoing,never-ending–and all that is ever happening. Whatever is being experienced, is what is being created. That said, the word CoCreator in the title implies the union of what is often believed to be separate aspects of the One. Instead, it implies unity, where typically there is thought to be something outside, “out there,” that creates this life. It also confers the unitive status “as one,” with the “we” that appears to be, in a movement such as that which is suggested in this book.

What is being proposed is a Renaissance, a new way of being, culturally, spiritually, scientifically, economically, cognitively, and artistically. Imagine a world where the creative impulse becomes the highest form of currency, where money and art, money and creativity, go hand in hand, where everything, not just money “and,” goes hand in hand. The tyranny of the bottom line, as well as the archetypal starving artist, become a thing of the past, like the dialup telephone.  Continue reading


Create Fearlessly


Cosmic Wheels ~ Donovan cover art

It is time to think big, to color not just outside of the box, but outside of what is deemed possible. Begin to create, fearlessly, and see that creativity begets creativity. This practiced, honored. fearlessness becomes habit. Habit becomes destiny.

And as inspiration takes hold, enlivens your very body and the thrill of the day itself, remember: Inspiration, inspiring, and inspired are One. You are all that. So you’ll want to share the good news, the expansive mindset, and the fruits of the creative endeavors.

The cosmic wheels are turning. Feels like freedom.

Creator And Created Are One


If we don’t know who we are, don’t know what we’re capable of, our lives are guided by doubt and fear. We are inherently creative. We are creativity itself. The creative impulse itself is not about doubt, but about boldness, fearless potential waiting to be expressed in everything we do.

This book, The Conquest of Poverty, was the original articulation of the Law of Attraction. In the beginning, it was about coming to know that there is no second cause, no external force, no God outside yourself from whom to curry favor, appease, or fear retribution. To “Know ThySelf,” is to know God, the one and only Creator.

As we move into the Renaissance, it is imperative to recognize this innate power to create, to increase, to bloom, as we are intended. We are far more capable than we know. We are, you are, I AM infinite capacity. There is no limit to this capacity, except to believe otherwise.

Believe; receive; create like nothing is more important than being the creative impulse that you are.

This most of all: ask yourself in the most silent hour of your night: must I write? Dig into yourself for a deep answer. And if this answer rings out in assent, if you meet this solemn question with a strong, simple “I must,” then build your life in accordance with this necessity; your while life, even into its humblest and most indifferent hour, must become a sign and witness to this impulse. ~ Rilke

The Renaissance Has Begun




It is time for a new world order. It is happening, now. The old behemoth of corporate tryanny is starting to creak and list, and soon will fall. There is something appearing that can take its place.

All around us the creative impulse is apparent, is thriving. If we shift our attention away from what appears to be wrong, if we notice what is flourishing all around us, read the new ideas appearing across the internet–in economics, science, philosophy, in grass roots social and political movements, and most of all, if we pay attention to the creativity that seeks to express from within our own hearts and minds–the world looks new, fresh.

Like the Renaissance of old, it is time for an upsurge of the creative endeavor. Let art, in whatever form it takes, replace the struggle for the bottom line. Let artistry, imagination, and creativity be the newest, most powerful and valuable form of currency. The tipping point has come, for the entitled oligarchy to lose its tenacious yet insupportable stranglehold on the economy, governance, and well-being of this world, and for the irrepressible voice of creativity–in philosophy, design, and unbridled imagination–to take its place, now.

Investment banking, publishing, and other strongholds of industry are becoming decentralized, as we see in the growth of crowd funding, and self-publishing. Rigid control by a few, in the arena of ideas, inventions, and causes, is no longer tenable. The gatekeepers are losing out on the best ideas and talent. The exclusivity factor, maintained by its own self-ascribed elitism, is no longer a barrier. You schmooze, you lose.

Let the “starving artist” motif be a thing of the past. Support the arts and artisans, and bold new ideas. And make your own creative spirit primary rather than secondary. Give your ideas and inspirations room and time to grow, to come to fruition. “Work to live” can become “live to create” something new.

Let the Renaissance begin, and let it begin with you, now. If not now, when?