Preface to CoCreator Handbook

Creation of Adam by Michelangelo

Creation of Adam by Michelangelo

The word cocreator is not meant to imply a separate creature cooperating with a larger Creator. There are not two, The Creator and the created. There is only creating. Creator, creating, and created–they are one and the same. There’s only one thing going on, ever. There is no second cause, no external force to which to appeal to curry favor, or fear retribution.

Experiencing and creating are also the same–ongoing,never-ending–and all that is ever happening. Whatever is being experienced, is what is being created. That said, the word CoCreator in the title implies the union of what is often believed to be separate aspects of the One. Instead, it implies unity, where typically there is thought to be something outside, “out there,” that creates this life. It also confers the unitive status “as one,” with the “we” that appears to be, in a movement such as that which is suggested in this book.

What is being proposed is a Renaissance, a new way of being, culturally, spiritually, scientifically, economically, cognitively, and artistically. Imagine a world where the creative impulse becomes the highest form of currency, where money and art, money and creativity, go hand in hand, where everything, not just money “and,” goes hand in hand. The tyranny of the bottom line, as well as the archetypal starving artist, become a thing of the past, like the dialup telephone. 

The tipping point has come for The Renaissance. Likewise, or concurrently, corporate tyranny, long upheld by usurial, indentured servitude to the bottom line, can no longer stand. That which comes to an end, simply dies of its own inevitable exhaustion. The poor no longer become poorer, they become creative contributors. Riches are not confined to the few, but as opportunity for all.

We’re not just in this together. We are One of the same substance. We work together, apparently, as separate bodies with individual minds, but it is never quite believed, this separateness.

Empires rise and fall as surely as the sea level. Mountains and canyons everywhere are evidence of this inexorable movement on the grandest scale. So, too, is the ever-changing form of man’s ancestral evolution, guided by the same creative spur. Time waits for no man, but the spirit that guides him is outside of time and space.

All epochal change is preceded by vision, a vision that spreads like wildfire. It is time for the perception of corporate oligarchy to end, as well as the concurrent, governing, political fidelity to its sovereignty. In its place a new way of life is beginning, generated by allegiance to the creative impulse, over working to survive within this perversely skewed paradigm. Money is neither the enemy, nor the motivation to create. As creativity flows, money, resources, flow in kind, when freed from the logjam maintained by an apparent system of entitlement for no reason.

So it begins, or has already begun, not just with an activity, but with the vision itself. The vision is the virus that corrupts the old and outdated structure. It is this seeing itself that thus takes over. Being the change you wish to see in the world is preceded by seeing. First I see; then I am—and always have been.

Imagine what it would be like to live as the infinitely creative beings we truly are. Let the vision, the attendant physiological sense of enthusiasm, bring the new world order to fruition. Let that be the guiding intelligence. We are no longer afraid of what we don’t have; we are awed by what we are.

This is not about creating something new. It’s not about opposition—to anything. It is about seeing what is already here, what is, and what we are in relation to, and as that. The only opposition ever faced is any idea of separation from what is. So there is no opposition. There is only always this infinite creativity, and ideas about it. If we drop any limiting ideas, the unlimited nature of this is apparent…and so we begin.


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